DM Residence

DM Residence located in Belgium by CUBYC architects bvba in 2013. This house by a continuous play of coupled volumes, all interacting with each other. That play gives the inhabitants different perspectives and spatial experiences. All living areas are visual with each other, and with the wooded area connected, but you have to find out these connections in phases. Each room has its own perspective. Doors and window frames are as minimal as possible present.

We are very inspired by this project. Express forms, nice design, good feel of architecture. Our team tried to make a fresh view from archviz side based on photos by Koen Van Damme and Thomas de Bruyne. This project is good experience for us. All work process was very interesting by find a daylight with sun, create night environment and give this project realistic atmosphere.



Fresh from our archives we bring you this view of a tall, dark and handsome space which could have become the next selfie material somewhere in Vanak, Tehran.
We believe it is essential that the strongest attribute of each design becomes the spine of the visual story we eventually decide to tell.
For this piece we thought of the void of the vertical atrium as the generator of a mysterious pulling force around which all temptations would unfold. The void becomes a physical body and the main actor in this scene.
The image was created for our friends at Hadi Teherani Architects

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Made with a mix of max, vray and ps

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New York Times Building

New York Times building is one of the most recognizable pieces of architecture in the world. The tower was designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop and FXFOWLE Architects, with Gensler providing the interior design.
It’s based on the west side of Midtown Manhattan, surrounded by the New York skyscrapers. The New York Times Building is the eighth-tallest building in the city.

It’s not a secret that New York Times building is one of our favorites. The tower is unique, because of the steel construction placed on the external side of the building. It gives an individual, industrial touch to the whole creation.

Wikipedia says -„In excess of 95% of the structural steel was recycled.” – that’s a quite impressing fact.

When we decided to prepare a set of the images dedicated to NYT building, we knew that a complete 3d environment would help us. Mainly, because of the sense of freedom during the cameras selection process. We tested many views and many light options, but we felt that the tower looks best soaked up in the golden rays of the sunset.

We sincerely appreciate every minute spent on this project.


This rendering is one of our in-house work.
These personal renderings offer innovative, original visions that break with conventional projects. They constitute a challenge not only for our artistic curiosity but also for the deepening of our own learning. We are attracted to challenging images and strong stories.

We welcome curiosity!

Cantilever House

The ‘Cantilever House’ is a non-commissioned project developed for Saint Gallen, in northeastern Switzerland, where the picturesque environment makes for a challenging but self-pleasing exercise.
As an architect and urban planner with more than 10 years of experience dedicated to the archvis industry, I believe it is essential to create my own conceptual projects in order to improve skills. For this reason, I’ve chosen to fully design the ‘Cantilever House’ from conceptualization of the exterior forms to all of interior design & styling. I also explored the project as a virtual photographer finding out the best lighting and camera compositions.

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