This project was interesting as the developer just had dirt and the desire to show a simple rendering on the lots billboard to get potential clients. They had no plan but they gave us the direction of “Lots of glass facing the views of Camelback mountain with a game room and master on the second floor.” I know, not a lot to go on. We developed the floor plan and elevations in SketchUp to make the modeling a bit faster and to avoid having to import CAD drawings.

Once the basic model was completed we then got to work populating the scene with trees and plants form Laubwerks and we used Skatter add the grass and gravel. Since we had a lot of freedom with the materials we decided to use as many vray standard materials as possible to save time and to see what they could do. The new material included in Vray 3.6 are great and required little of no modification to great results.

Transparent Church

Small local baptist church (410 sq. m.) in Ural region (Solikamsk) will be build in 2021 in historical private sector. Building has a 3 levels: 1) Ground floor – hall, canteen, kitchen, storage and some technical rooms. 2) First floor contains main auditorium, Sunday school room and the second entrance. 3) Second floor is the gallery in main auditorium. Above all there are cock loft, which are using for pastoral room or control room