East Hamptons Home

Exterior renderings of a home in East Hampton, NY. The home is located in densely vegetaded area, so nailing the surroundings was integral to the success of the renderings. The model was created in in SketchUp and rendered with VRay. Skatter was used in conjunction with various foliage models to create the landscape.

Camp Roig 31

We chose this project to perfome how we see interior visualization. Camp Roig 31 is a minimal townhouse located in Alaró, Spain, designed by Durietz Design & Development. The project shows our main values in architecture field. There are legacy and long history, context, work with landscape and atmosphere of home.
We also decided to show some light schemes for this type of design.

GlobePlants at the corner of Enscape and SketchUp

I’ve recently started to use Enscape for early design stage visualization, and I love the workflow it allows me to work with. I get to stay inside SketchUp during the early design stages with better visualization capability. I get to use the modeling tools I like and scatter things around, and all of it picked up smoothly. Check out this short glimpse of how these assets look like for a fast pre-viz while modeling in SketchUp.

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