GlobePlants at the corner of Enscape and SketchUp

I’ve recently started to use Enscape for early design stage visualization, and I love the workflow it allows me to work with. I get to stay inside SketchUp during the early design stages with better visualization capability. I get to use the modeling tools I like and scatter things around, and all of it picked up smoothly. Check out this short glimpse of how these assets look like for a fast pre-viz while modeling in SketchUp.

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Realtime Maquette

maquette renders seams to be very popular these days and it would be nice to see it in realtime using one of the most convenient and easiest real-time engine solution which is enscape3d.
hope you like it

I have used:
Sketchup, Skatter, Enscape, Photoshop


Madrid based time-honored meeting space.
I would like to introduce my vision of a modern interior incorporating absolutely opposite directions, such as vintage and stylish luxury.
Design & visualization – Denis Chigidin.
Location – Madrid.
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