Corvus Madonna Product Visualization

Hi, My name is Arpit Pandey and I am a 3D Generalist. Recently I have started using my skills to accomplish Archviz Industry project’s. My main goal in every project is to seek photo-realism and quality render’s. In this project I have tried to showcase my ability to create Product Visualization inside a Arch Interior. I have modeled the renowned chair Corvus Madonna using subdiv modeling technique and rendered it using V-Ray. There was no big post production in this, Just a little contrast added in post. I hope everyone likes it. Thank you.

The Fall

B&TB Image of The Month for January : This image represents a milestone for us. We recently took the initiative of crafting one special image per month.


It has to be something not commissioned and inspirational for us. These images are made for the simple pleasure of doing something on our own that let us experiment, explore new paths in whichever the topic is and definitely grow.

It is really hard to accomplish since there is an art direction behind it that sometimes is not fully compatible with our “ever busy” schedule. Nevertheless we remain committed to serve you our monthly dose of Beauties.

Mr or Miss January (as you wish) is called The Fall. We really hope you like this initiative we put so many high hopes in.


B&TB Team


Our job was to get some visuals for the real estate company. We aimed to show the life in Mallorca, some sunny and relaxing images!

We also carried out the interior design following the client style. Nice furniture and nice stuff that place the prospective buyers in their future homes.

Piet Boon Kitchen

Taking inspiration from Piet Boon’s kitchen designs, I made this CGI image.

The idea was create an image very natural, with soft light and materiales very classy, marble and wood, mixed with strong contrasts, like the concrete.