TSR 004: The Evil Twins of ArchVIZ – Peter Guthrie and Henry Goss about Pushing The Boundary!

In this session, we discuss the transformation Peter Guthrie and Henry Goss made from practicing architecture alone, to joining forces to form one of the most interesting and fastest growing ArchViz studios in London today. These two have created a total powerhouse, and they’re here to share the story of their success. Here’s just a bit of what you can expect on this session of The SpectRoom.


Software Mentioned

Corona Renderer
Unreal Engine

Creating The Boundary

Peter and Henry share the driving reasons and goals behind their decision to join forces and create The Boundary. From friends to business partners, as their individual capacities increased they decided to raise their game and share the burden of their work together. Although they just call it the next logical step, the results have been incredible.

Current Projects and What’s in (their) Store

Despite detouring from traditional architecture, Henry and Peter are more involved in architecture and design than ever before. They’ve been working with their heroes on fundamental design details from an early stage, including Peter Zumthor on the Los Angeles Museum of Art. We put Corona Renderer up against VRay, discuss animations and VR deliverables, and examine what it means at The Boundary to be a project manager, 3D artist, or project visualizer. We also chat about The Boundary Store, which they’ve set up to help people gain access to their scenes. The store is evolving to become a place where people will go to find the top brand, top-quality images.

Five Years into the Future

When I asked Peter what we need to start thinking about now so that we are still relevant five years into the future, he admitted that although he may not be excited about VR and augmented reality, he is passionate about creating beautiful images, moving images, and films. Henry recognizes that the change will be constant in this industry — there will always be other companies coming up behind you, so you must constantly push forward with your energy. And that thrust toward success is the future of business at The Boundary.