TSR 009: Surfing the Waves of ArchViz with Pedro Fernandes from Arqui9 in London

Pedro’s story spans Australia, Portugal and London in the UK. We’ll talk about his days as an architect in Australia and Portugal, and his gradual move towards visualization as he was teaching fellow architects in the Lisbon office about rendering and finding out he loves doing visualizations. Seeing that fork on the road, he went right and never looked back!

Software Mentioned

Corona Renderer

The Long Progression to Arqui9

Starting out at university, Pedro always had a passion for visually demonstrating the work he was doing. He really began cultivating his passion for 3D after internships in Lisbon and, and as his interest grew, so did his experimenting. He joined forces with three friends to create architecture, 3D, and design. As more information became available on the internet, he sourced as many tutorials as he possibly could, including many of the blog, which can be found here.

This started in 2008, when the economic downturn gave him the opportunity to depart from architecture and focus more on 3D design. After sending his portfolio all over, he started at Vyonyx in London and eventually formed his own company.

The Drive Behind the Work

After working for several companies in different countries, Pedro decided to work for himself, and he never looked back. He gets to do what he loves, working for clients he loves, and he considers himself among the luckiest people on earth.

He has always worked toward the goal of working with certain people, and that desire has driven him to keep working harder and better, even on the days when he wishes that he’d never started down this road.

Crafting Visuals at Arqui9

Pedro creates unique images that always catch my attention, and have been featured on the blog several times as “Best of the Week.” On this session, we discuss how he has passed his unique vision on to his team, where he gets his inspiration, and how he incorporates the talents of each artist into the work that they do. He appreciates that his work isn’t better or worse than anyone else’s, and appreciates the differences in visuals. Recognizing this has helped him identify what he wants to accomplish with his work, and pushes him to achieve it.


You’ll be inspired when you hear about this and more — including why London is the best place for ArchViz and the why behind Arqui9 Learn — in this session of The SpectRoom with Pedro Fernandes.

Main Quotes

“Being able to show your ideas how you want to have always seduced me.” — Pedro Fernandes

“We are some of the luckiest people on earth.” — Pedro Fernandes

“You’re going to have good days, bad days, and days when you wish you’d never done this.” 
— Pedro Fernandes

“The magic is the artist instilling their own experience into the image.” — Ronen Bekerman

“The 3D program may not seem like an essential thing, but it’s very essential.” 
— Pedro Fernandes

“I’m not gonna lie — good work gets you far.” — Pedro Fernandes