TSR 000: Introduction to The SpectRoom

The SpectRoom is a weekly experiment. Yours truly, exploring the creative minds of architectural visualization. Finding out what makes us all tick and push our limits. I’m always curious about what it is we do, how one goes about doing his work and why is he doing it in the first place! This podcast is an interview show, trying to find out the why, the how and the what of each of my guests.


Software Mentioned

Expect to hear me talk with 3d artists like yourself and also software developers, content creators, architects, photographers and creative people that will inspire you.

I’m embarking on this journey, hoping you’ll join the ride, see how things take shape and evolve based on what happens along the way. Much like the way the blog has grown to its current state.

Why doing a Podcast?

I love Podcasts!

I consume podcasts on a multitude of topics during my commute to work and back every day. It is an excellent way to look into the creative minds of our industry as they are telling their story in their own unique voice.

It is about time audio came into the mix 😉

This is the SpectRoom.

The Visual Aspect

The SpectRoom comes with a unique visual aspect to it. You’ll notice this right away as you hit play inside each session page on the blog.

The podcast player, which the team here designed, doubles as a visual identifier of each session. My hope is, that these identifiers will start to show patterns over time.

I’m very keen on getting your feedback on this, so feel free to contact me via the blog.

The SOA Story

The next sessions in line are going to be special collections from past State of Art Academy Days. That will be Academy Day numbers 5, 6 and 7.

The Academy Day, in many ways,  is the inception point of this podcast.

Launching a podcast was something I wanted to do for three years, but I wasn’t confident with my own voice and the fact English is not my native tongue. You know how it is… Confidence issues!
So, none of that anymore.

You have to take the plunge at some point, and I’m past that point. The SpectRoom is in production for at least six months now. Yup. And finally, finally, finally, it is going LIVE!

So, big thanks to my friends… SOA’s Dynamic Duo – Gianpiero Monopoli & Roberto De Rose! for offering me the platform at the State of Art Academy Days, doing the interviews which helped me to get to this point.

Thank you very much, guys.

The interviews I’m going to do at the State of Art Academy Day #8 titled “ARTIST vs. MACHINE” will also feature on The SpectRoom in a special collection session, which will come up shortly after the Academy Day in October.

Join the Ride!

To find out about future sessions, be sure to subscribe and check the schedule on The SpectRoom Main Page.

You can also suggest guests for me to interview!

I want to make this show smooth running, and need your help.

Thank you very much, and until the next session…

be good, do good!