Winter Holes

This render was done in my free time in Mumbai when recession hit the markets. Work was slim and I was going through some magazines with my boss for inspiration, we both agreed the building was beautiful and I decided it would do pretty well as a personal project. As I was still a beginner (still am, and will be forever) in this field this would be a great challenge.

The lighting and the metallic texture was a challenge, but it came through nicely. As I was aiming to create the image as close to the original in sense of lighting and warmth and feel, It was a learning experience. I ended up changing some of the effects to give a surreal feel.

Note : I still don’t know who is the designer/architect for the original Project.

Bridge in China

Is a bridge necessarily a vehicle passing place ? This bridge project in China aims to prove the opposite. Inspired by the finesse and lightness of the dance, the bridge is intended to be a space of organized and fast mobility while allowing everyone to rest and meditate in complete tranquility.

Diplomatic space

I had a call from one of the biggest architectural studios in Tunis – “Tasmeem”, asking me to illustrate their design of the Kuwaiti Ambassador’s home interior. The main challenge was the short deadline. 5 scenes in 3 days were for me a new record to beat.

I started from a CAD plan, imported it and modeled it in 3DSMax. Then I searched for Arabic classical furniture models, which was quite difficult to find because… no one cares
That’s why I’ve modeled from scratch a non-existent furniture. Daylight is made by Peter Guthrie’s HDRI + sun + artificial light. For Post-production I’ve used Photoshop and Lightroom.