Sports Centre in Jaworzno

The project concerns architecture and landscape solution for Sports Centre in Sodowa Góra in Jaworzno on former open-pit mining area. The goals of this work are to create a concept that will fulfil the demands of Jaworzno residents regarding sport and also to make one, consistent space that interacts with surroundings.

LIMIT – Viewpoint in Pulpit Rock

The intervention’s aim is to offer the visitor experience to enjoy Lysefjord fabulous landscape in two different way. The Program is set in two different levels, being the upper one the pulpit rock for the laying on hammocks in comfort and the one below is the level of more extreme view, as a result of the idea of breaking the limit.

This is not the traditional viewpoint that affects the environment and shows nothing more than the view. Our proposal does not damage the environment and additionally give you the ability to break its own borders.