Child Abuse Rehabilitation Centre

Idea came in my mind by rise in a ratio of abused child in a society. I started research on this topic and idea came in my my why not create a space for them to rehabilitate them and giving new chance that they able to own this society.

Initial sketches and idea started from how mother protect her child and her responsibility towards it. As a result of it the building design comprises of features that protect and insure buildings parts as a mother protect her child. Mother represent parts i.e features and building as a child. Along with design but also orientation of a building is according to sun position and wind direction.

Ecotect software is also used to calculate data.

The Better Days – A short visual story

“The Better Days” is a heartwarming, slice of life, architecture story set inside an apartment of one of the most iconic buildings of the 20th century.

After a heartbreaking divorce, William relocates to the south of France, where he begins to pen his latest novel. As he struggles to come up with ideas, he brings his young son with him for a few summer days to keep him company.

The short features a faithful and detailed digital recreation of the interior of Unite D’habitation, designed by famous 20th century architect Le Corbusier and located in Marseilles, France.