Sunny morning

[Full CGI project]

We wanted to give a morning fresh effect to constrast with the warm atmosphere of the sun.

To show the morning dew above the vegetation, we played with volumetrics to make a full CGI mist in the foreground. (Look at Volumetrics pass)

To populate the render, we add some 3d animated characters with Axyz Anima 2.5 and then merge them in the scene.

Railclone was also usefull to make the facade panel.

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Contemporary prefab house

This is one of many projects I’m been working on lately, images to be printed in a new prefab catalouge. This project was entirely created in 3d with the help of 3dsmax, Forest pack and Railclone, lit with HDRI, rendered in both vray(exteriors) and corona (interiors), I find that vray handles the wast use of vegetation smoothly and corona nails it for the interiors. Please do visit my behance portfolio for more catalouge projects.