Rainy morning

The choice was to give a morning atmosphere to this collective housing project.
A special work has been done on asphalt textures where the creation of puddle has played an important role in the atmosphere of the image.
A blend has been used but focusing on the transition wet and dry ground.
To represent the morning, the lights turn on and the people are preparing to go to work. A work on urban traffic was done with the use of a motion blur.
For the tram, the characters within are entirely in 3d, indispensable condition for the light inside and the motion blur worked well !
(all the people are full cgi)
The urban elements are faithful to those present in reality, distributed by Railclone. Grass and trees scattered with forest pack.


This is a signature image for a competition to create a modern wooden building in the center of Gothenburg. The building will be located in Gothenburg´s first modernist area, Johanneberg. The work with the image was pretty straight forward. The forground and background was photographed during the winter so we had to edit the light and remove a lot of christmas candleholders from the windows. The facades and brick parts were modelled using railclone. The building was rendered using corona with corona sun/sky. Luckily, this entry won the competition.

Mountain Man Architecture Competition

The team of Estudio Herreros contacted us requesting some renderings for their proposal. A proposal in which special attention was given to the dialogue between the elements of nature and the built elements. Advocates strongly for a nature greenery, sometimes wild, generated in the interior courtyards.

We tried to export our Spanish sun to the finish people, by creating some happy mood among the trees. People always look happier in summer 🙂