The HOVER Challenge 24 Finalists

I’m very proud to present the images created by the 24 finalists of the second Architectural Visualization Challenge – HOVER. I enjoyed this event very much as I’m sure you did too based on the feedback I got so far. Don’t forget to submit your feedback too if you participated in the challenge or even just visited the forums during this event.

The finalists (in alphabetical order)

Below is the list of all the qualifying finalists with their forums users name point to their WIP threads so you can visit and follow all their progress from start to finish. On the right side you can see what software each one used in the process of creating their images.

Bold entries have made it to the GH House finals too 🙂

  • SketchUP, Blender, Yafaray
  • 3dsmax, VRay
  • 3dsmax, Mental Ray
  • 3dsmax, Mudbox, VRay, MultiScatter
  • SketchUP, 3dsmax, Maxwell Render
  • 3dsmax, SketchUP, Maxwell Render
  • 3dsmax, VRay, Vue
  • Form Z, Maxwell Render
  • Sketchup, 3dsmax, VRay, AP
  • 3dsmax, VRay
  • 3dsmax, VRay
  • FormZ, lightwave, Vue
  • 3dsmax, Mental Ray, Itoo Forest
  • 3dsmax, VRay
  • 3dsmax, VRay
  • 3dsmax, VRay
  • 3dsmax, VRay, MultiScatter, AE
  • 3dsmax, VRay
  • Cinema4D, VRay for C4D
  • 3dsmax, VRay, MultiScatter, GrowFX
  • 3dsmax, Vue
  • 3dsmax, Maxwell Render, Glu3D
  • Blender, Thea Render
  • 3dsmax, VRay

Here are the finalists images

28 replies
  1. Ronen Bekerman
    Ronen Bekerman says:

    Finalists… Please make sure the software used listed is correct. I did not mention Photoshop since this is a common to all usually.

    Good Luck to all of you!!!

  2. Jamie Holmes
    Jamie Holmes says:

    This is most awesome. It really has been a great competition.

    The software I used above is incorrect – I used 3dsmax and Mental Ray and also Forest Pack.

    Cheers Ronen and Goodluck to everyone!!

  3. Samuel Conlogue
    Samuel Conlogue says:

    Had a great time! Thanks so much for putting this competition together! BTW my software info is incorrect. I used 3DS Max 2011, Maxwell Render and Glu3D. Thanks!

  4. Dadi Dindul
    Dadi Dindul says:

    WOWWWWWWW!!!!! wonderful and great Images. I’ve been gaping for hours 😮

    Hi Ronen. Quick fix too on software used, Sketchup, 3dsmax, Vray, and Advanced Painter.

    Thanks and congrats everyone, wish you d best.

  5. DIA
    DIA says:

    Hi and congrats to all of us making it to the final!
    As you guys has mention this has been a great competition.
    Its really fun to see all the nice images done for this comp.


  6. franciscok
    franciscok says:

    Hi guys,

    I’m really proud of being among such fine CG artists! Lots of amazing works done for the challenge. Congratulations to everyone.

    Francisco Koehler

  7. Hussein
    Hussein says:

    really great work guys but what i liked the most is Benjamin Brosdau work and Tolgahan Gungor work the rendering is pro and the more important is the concept so cheers to all for the amazing effort and keep it up…

    thnx Ronen

  8. leelou
    leelou says:

    I really enjoyed prepartorie follow the steps of this challenge. The initiative is a great idea, I hope there will be many more. The works chosen are all very level. I wish good luck to all finalists.

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