Apartment Complex “Smolnaya 44”

Our latest 2016 project is apartment complex “Smolnaya 44” visualization. This is a new Moscow residential quarter that is being built in the proximity of Rechnoy Vokzal district. Unlike many other designs for architectural concepts and complexes under development, the images for this project were developed simultaneously with the start of the advertising campaign. That’s why we didn’t have to wait for over half a year and keep the images secret.

We were asked to render the autumn images to show the golden autumn with puddles, the colorful foliage and bright people. It was a great pleasure to work on this style. We filled the visualization with the people under umbrellas and children in rubber boots, the part of the unique and wonderful time when it’s still warm but the trees are already brightly colored. We tried to show the surface and texture of the beautiful clinker bricks, chosen by the developer for coating the buildings, the glass quality and well-planned pavement and landscaping. Due to the form and the finishing of the buildings, the residential complex seamlessly fits into the general picture of the city and its architecture doesn’t stand out from the general “puzzle” but highlights the beauty of the surroundings.

Ville Savoye

The project was developed from a previous 3D model by Rafael Reis. The project objetive was to study color, close-ups and atmospheric effects.

Thanks to the historical relevance of the house, seek to develop a color system that will rescue this condition.

Le Corbusier’s white villa cycle and perfectly encapsulates the Modernist architectural vocabulary. Abandoned, it was restored by the French state from 1963 to 1997. It was listed as a historic monument in 1964.

Zlatibor Winter Resort

Recently we have been working on this project, a winter resort, located on the Zlatibor mountain. The project was super fun to work on, since the architects gave us all the freedom we needed, as long as it was looking good in the end. And also, we were able to choose the time of the year/day, so this gave us a lot wiggle room.

OS Penthouse in TLV

Starting with just the living room visuals and design follow-up, this project expanded to all other rooms of the sea facing penthouse in northern Tel-Aviv, Israel.

This is an ongoing project, but some of the rooms are done and we can show them now.

The architect uses SketchUp to design and we do some work at this level too, to get things in sync, before we move on with the actual images.

Superhouse Amid the Trees

I took the Superhouse to the forest, contrasting the horizontal white house with the dark verticals of the trees.

I’ve tried and used Corona Renderer in the past for a production project, but really dived in during this masterclass. The way it works and what it offers enabled me to focus on exploring more views, more lighting options and get the feedback I needed faster with less tinkering around.

I used Corona Renderer this time, abusing the interactive render and super cool multiple region render feature. Forest Pack played a big role here in creating the forest environment.

I’m further developing this scene these days, and hopefully will be able to share the next iteration soon 😉

Thank you for watching!