Modern City Villa

The main goal here was to pay attention to every tiny detail and just try to do my best. As this was not a commissioned project I could spend more time than usual. The project was made with Cinema 4D and rendered with VRAYforC4D 1.9 (just before the new 3.4 Version was released). Some basic Photoshop post ist also there.

Living Room

The main purpose of the project other than to showcase my skills was to test Corona Renderer and its limits. I used the Alpha version of Corona for Cinema 4D here. The furniture models are mostly from design connected. The background was also modeled by me.

Pyrus House

This project was commissioned by Strom Architects for a set of 15 images for two houses in Stockholm.

The big request was to try to manage the surround and try to represent the most of the vegetation on the site. On the other and the decoration of the houses was very specific and with some house relation.

We try to observe some site photos; some site inspirations and we try to get some feeling from there to try to put on the images.

The client was very pleased with the results and so we 😉

Competition Entry for Josef Albers Museum in Bottrop Germany

Loomn did this project for the consortium of Zimmer Schmidt Architects, Zuerich and Toshiko Mori Architect NY.
The task was to do an extension for the famous Josef-Albers-Museum in Bottrop, Germany. On the one hand it had
to be visualy and fuctionally connected to the existing buildings and on the other hand there was a strong need to place
it naturally in the surrounding park. This was also the main task we had to achieve with our illustration.