Private villa

Was simply amazing to work on this project.
One important aspect was the environment outside the house. We use SurfaceSpread in order to manage tons of clones.
We split up tall trees and low plants for each camera.

Truly Tropical

In Costa Rica, Pavones beach is a synonym of awesome surfing and a laidback life style. In Studio Saxe they asked me to produce a set of visuals for a new hotel to be located in Pavones beach we are designing. The client asked for visuals that transmitted a truly tropical feeling.
This is the first one of the set, an afternoon swimming pool view looking to the horizon on the west.


Our last animation work : GRETA
click here to see the VIDEO and more still images of the WIP:

Lost in vegetation

This is a project of a house surrounded by nature.
Biggest challenge was to work deep on vegetation and environment.
We love to use SurfaceSpread for a full 3d scene in order to have tons of clones.

private house_bremen

The project is subject to a long series of designs, the client tests many variants and would like to look at them in 3D visualizations, so he can better decide how the final result should look. More pictures will be produced soon.

La Cala Hills Golf

Architectural animation of a condominium at Mijas.
Some of the sequences are video montage based on drone flights.
We show the project interior and exterior and, also, in different moments of the day.