The house in Yasnaya Polyana

The space and design of this house are situated in the village of Rostov region, it is influenced a lot by the local rules. Placing the building on the dense development of nearby houses, we decided to drown it in surroundings of deep gardens, different breeds of trees and bushes, what creates a feeling of protection and natural membrane. The selection of construction and materials, which was deeply thoughtful (поменяла конструкцию), corresponds the modern character of the project. The façade is made from light brick with wooden windows from floor to ceiling. The central volume, where the living room is situated, is more than 3 meters height, is made from glass and wood, what emphasizes the modern spirit of the house.

SOS Kinderdorf

SOS Children’s Village (SOS Kinderdorf) is a worldwide organization helping children that were forced to live without their biological families. Recently SOS announced the competition for new building in Dusseldorf, Germany. The proposal designed by Tr. Architekten make us feel glad being a part of this project.

Design: tr architekten

Visuals: ELEMENT


kayak architects proves that there is no need to occupy a new plot for construction. The use of flat roofs as a construction base would provide easy access for future air vehicles. The lightweight structure is designed with arcs to create a more convenient landing system.

The Golden Hour

The idea is to create a quick base image through Artlantis and then compose in photoshop to achieve the intended mood depicting a scene during the golden hour