12 Favorite Articles of 2011

A year has past, and before we get started with 2012, here are 12 of my favorite articles posted on the blog during 2011. I wish you all the best in this new year – be good, do good! Make sure you also check out my 2011 retrospective post – A Year in a Day / 2011 on the Blog.


BrainTRUST 01, ‘Night View’ by Filippo Previtali

The first BrainTRUST session offering focused and honest critique by industry leading artists. Filippo was the brave first to take the plunge!


Making of Trojan House by Christian Behrendt

Learn about the 3d recreation of the Trojan House using Cinema 4D and V-Ray for Cinema 4D.


3D Snow Creation Tips by Bertrand Benoit

Check these great 5 tips about how to get your winter snow just right!


Interview with MIR

First among a series of interviews with industry leading studios and artists aimed at learning how we go about our VIZ BIZ! MIR were first on my list being such a big source of inspiration.


Interview with LUXIGON

Second interview made with France based studio LUXIGON, being a leading worldwide choice among so many architecture firms and doing things mostly in post using Photoshop – I had to learn more about them.


Making of Cutipol House by Marcus Dallmann

Lovely scene and execution under extreme conditions! Sick and all – Marcus made these scene and a making-of article about it too!


Wadi Rum Desert Lodges Visuals by LUXIGON

A remarkable set of visuals by LUXIGON for Chad Oppenheim’s winning design. This one stirred a very interesting debate about the technical aspects of the visuals vs. the impact the have…


GrowFX Custom Foliage Creation by Studio xoio

Great intro to the GrowFX Parametric plugin for 3dsmax by the good people at studio xoio. This will surly jump-start your first attempts at creating a tree with this great plugin.


Making of ‘The House’ by Alex York

A rare project with a great article describing the production process that spanned over 3+ years, using 3dsmax and Mental Ray.


HDR Image Based Lighting 3D Scene Setup

Started as a simple response on a comment made on the blog that expanded to showcase my personal way of setting up a scene to be lighted with an HDRI.


Making of AP002T Tower by Nicolas Richelet

An insightful article about the Photoshop post process that take a basic raw render and transforms it into an emotive and striking visual!


Making of Esherick House 4 Parts Series by Ludvik Koutny

Probably the most in-depth articles about the use of the Mental Ray render engine in architectural visualization. Ludvik took one of the less known designs by master architect Louis Kahn, remarkably recreating it in 3d and sharing his insight with us all… Big thanks to Ludvik for this one!

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  1. JurajTalcik
    JurajTalcik says:

    Great articles. If I can wish, I hope you will continue with insight into best individuals/companies. Those interviews with Mir and Luxigon are great, very informative ! Bother them more so they reveal more secrets :- )

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