Chicago Loft by Bertrand Benoit

Here’s a remarkable little Déjà vu for you… Last year started with a spotlight on Bertrand Benoit’s Tribeca Loft, and today he posts his new Chicago Loft images on the forums! Perfect timing & execution as you would expect of him. Last month Bertrand released the Chicago Loft scene for sale on Turbosquid in clean form so that you can populate it with your own models, serving as a showcase set – His current set of images is a great example of how this could be done.

Here are Bertrand’s images that he made in this set. You can see all of them in his flickr set for this.

Check out Bertrand’s forum thread too – Chicago Loft (comes to life)

  • kodissimo

    outstanding! fantastic work!

  • Tolgahan

    I say only WOW.100 star.

  • I like the subtle RETRO feel he managed to infuse into this set 😉

    Great work Bertrand!

  • xoio

    wow, that is awesome!

    i love the color-spaces you create with your images, seriously!

  • tomglimps

    @ronenbekerman jaw dropping cg =p love his photographic skills =)

    • ronenbekerman

      @tomglimps What next I ask? do we even need anything better?

      • tomglimps

        @ronenbekerman good point =) do believe that after sooner rather than later we’ll see realtime in this quality =) that’s next step..

  • TiagoAlexandrino

    Bertrand works are always the best for me, outstanding realism in each image. Love the details all around the loft!

  • kukas

    great work Bertrand !!!

    beautiful scene and lighting 🙂

  • jpintor

    I know who deserve the next 3ds max master award.

  • JurajTalcik

    It’s not even worth commenting how technically perfect it is.I love his eye for photography, beautiful compositions, color mood, lightning. Such a stunning work, it’s beyond inspirational.

  • ArkinAdamEsref

    The man has done it again….another amazing project

  • leel0u

    spectacular! every time i’m curious to watch what you will do!

  • only some words…’re the most great, amazing!

  • Obviously the amazing skills of bbb3viz always puts my own work in perspective.

    This is really, The Best of Interior Architecture Visualisation. period.

    I can only say that the loft scene is an amazing source of learning, I’m currently in the process of examining ‘EVERYTHING’. And later I’m planning on redoing the entire scene in order to hopefully learn more about it.

  • ThomasGruender

    great pics!! amazing!a tutorial, maybe?greets from berlin to berlin

  • ChristianMiranda

    Another excellent set of photorealistic images from Bertrand Benoit. I really like the way he uses his virtual camera, his models and shaders. He makes some of the best uses of chromatic aberration in this industry too. Thanks for sharing, Ronen. Eyecandy!

  • TiagoAlexandrino

    We would love to see some of your brilliant works on Forum too! This message is directed to all the users too 😉

  • nnamdiakubuiro

    I’ve made my conclusion…BENARD isn’t human…simple!!!!…..Amazing images…5 thumbs up.

  • nnamdiakubuiro

    I’ve made my conclusion…BERTRAND isn’t human…simple!!!!…..Amazing images…5 thumbs up.

    • kodissimo

      @nnamdiakubuiro hahaha… i’m wondering sometimes when i’m looking at all Bertrand’s images (these and all older published): is he have some kind of secret plugins for 3ds max which can convert real photos to 3d models/scenes and automaticly setting everything up in vray to push only the render button?! 🙂 it is unnecesary now to ask questions like: why he didn’t publish his work in citylife challenge? who could find time to create an entry while making excellent piece of art like these shots! one more time: amazing, fantastic, outstanding! 😉

  • brcmocoto

    Just amazing stuff here!!

  • Chicago, my home town. These renders are beautiful. I love the de-saturated colors, ad attention to detail.

  • The 4th image has a little issue with the lamp, being smack-dab in the middle, and aligning perfectly with the window opening. it is bothering my eye… but that’s just me 🙂 great work!

  • Thanks a lot for the amazing showcase, Ronen. Glad you guys like the images.

  • brodiegeers

    Had to look at these from home. Work has the images blocked as ‘render porn’

  • isucur

    I must say I’ve been enjoying every minute looking at those amazing images and this outfitted shots look really impressive!! Thanks Bertrand for giving us the opportunity to peek into your workflow!!


  • ElvinAliyev

    Good job! It’s always pleasant to see the professionals’ work

  • Thanks again for the wonderful feedback, guys. very much appreciated.

  • oscarcastellanos

    seria maravilloso un tutorial

  • oscarcastellanos

    a tutorial would be wonderful

  • Alain

    Amazing !

    This is not just Architecture Visualization, this is real Art !

    Kind regards


  • Patrick Bernhard

    One of the best scenes I’ve seen for a long time. Simply amazing.

  • Mouton Burger

    Agreed Partrick the best of the best

  • RobertJohn

    Hey guys, does somebody of you know something about the scene lighting in this scene you can buy on turbosquid? I asked there, but didnt get any answer. Just want to know if it comes with hdri or not. Thanks!

  • Hi Robert. No, the scene is lit with a jpg plugged into a DomeLight. For very overcast skies, like here, there is not much difference in the dynamic range of an HDR image and a jpg. The directional lighting is provided by a Max direct light (in order to have control of the colour).

    • RobertJohn

      Thanks @BBB3

  • cpcdron

    Bertrand, would you be so kind to show us your material workflow? Your’s are just amazing! Congratulations!!

  • clos2011

    awesome work!