Skatter / A Scattering extension for SketchUp

A new scattering extension for SketchUp is coming soon – Skatter. There is only a video showing what is an alpha preview of what seems to be a very capable scattering plugin… kind of Forest Pack inside SketchUp with render engine instancing / proxy support (so it seems with Thea Render being used on the preview). Pretty cool and I look forward to see more and have a go at it!

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Making of Barts Square by The Boundary in collaboration with Iain Banks

I’ve featured the Barts Square project back in August this year, and this week the making of this project was published on the Corona Renderer blog by my friends at The Boundary (it will take time getting used to this) in collaboration with Iain Banks. The Boundry, if you missed the news, is a new studio based in London specializing in high-end visualizations founded by Peter Guthrie and Henry Goss, who did the write-up for this article. Enjoy!

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SketchUP V-Ray Proxy Grass

Creating 3D Grass and Scattering it all over the place inside 3dsmax was featured here plenty, but with V-Ray for SketchUP becoming better and better it can be done inside SU too with great results and little effort as David Brufau showcases in this short how-to. Follow his process and feel free to jump in with questions or suggest your own methods of doing this inside SketchUP.

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SketchUP 2014 Released

My favorite 3d modeling software has been upgraded! SketchUP 2014 hit the market today, and although the core SketchUP Pro features did not change that much, I like the fact Trimble keeps a steady update cycle with a great beta testing program. I just wish they focused on SketchUP just as much as Layout. 2013 was mainly a Layout upgrade, with 2014 they overhauled the 3d warehouse and more Layout upgrades… Trimble – Make 2015 a SketchUP Pro core upgrade only please! it is long overdue. I guess that bottom-line, the most valuable update in this release is the introduction of Ruby 2.0 for 3rd party developers.

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Making of Tribute to H&DEM

I’ve noticed more great visuals being done recently using the SketchUP + V-Ray combo. The latest v2.0 release surly contributed to this bump with many great feature additions making the SketchUP native plugin much more capable and not so far from its bigger brothers on 3dsmax & Maya. It is also important to note that most of these visuals are being made by architects that use SketchUP for their design process… they are not professional visualization artists first. François (Frankoi) RIBOULEAU is one of them and his tribute to H&DEM 56 Leonard Street project captured my attention. His process is simple and the result is great looking. Enjoy the read and tell us what you think in the comments section.

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