Renzo Piano’s 87 Park by The Boundary

The Boundary showcases their latest and remarkable visuals for Renzo Piano’s 87 Park residential building in Miami. I had the pleasure seeing this remarkable piece of work for the first time during SOA Academy Day #6, during which The Boundary shared more information about the creation of the stills and animation this project called for. It is a pleasure for me to spotlight this project here, accompanied by some slides from The Boundary’s SOA Talk. Enjoy!
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Los Faiques Dwelling by pixelpark 01

Making of Los Faiques Dwelling

Pixelpark‘s ‘Los Faiques Dwelling’ visuals, inspired by the real ‘Los Faiques Dwelling’ designed by DURAN & HERMISA arquitectos asociados, awarded them Best Visualization of the Week NO. 04/2014 for a remarkable CG remake and level of details they went into during the process. Great care and time was taken in the modeling of the foliage that surrounds the structures as well as the materials… specifically, the imperfections you find over time. Follow this article as they describe the process of creating these highly photorealistic visuals using 3dsmax, GrowFX, V-Ray and just a bit of postwork. Enjoy!

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Making of Dune House

Lichtecht‘s ‘Dune House’ visuals, inspired by Matthias Arndt’s vacation to the Danish North Sea Coast and based on the Hurst House by John Pardey Architects + Ström Architects, awarded them Best Visualization of the Week NO. 17/2013, Best of April 2013 and still in the running for Best of YEAR 2013. Follow Matthias Arndt as he describes the process of creating the ‘Dune House’ visuals using 3dsmax, GrowFX, Floor Generator, V-Ray and just a bit of postwork. Enjoy!

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Exlevel GrowFX Giveaway

The 3rd 2013 birthday giveaway is here! Exlevel will give one of you lucky followers a license of GrowFX – Their 3dsmax plugin for building and animating plants & trees. You will also have the chance to win a GrowFX license by sending 3d render/s you made showcasing great looking handmade foliage using any technique or software you like… procedural software and plugins included.

First Part Winner Announced

Congratulations to @ShaXdoW – Moh’d Salim

You are the lucky winner of a GrowFX License. Enjoy it!

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