GrowFX Spring Sale is Here, But Not For Long

If you’re looking to add some lifelike trees and vegetation in general as you see in this image by Jerome Cabezas which won the Best of Week 05/2014 than you need to use GrowFX. And the good news for you is that you can get it for 25% OFF until the end of April.

With GrowFX you can recreate digitally a lifelike 3D model of any plant, from grass and trees to woodland using a parametric oriented interface that you can set up yourself.

GrowFX lets you create broadleaf trees, conifers, palm trees, flowers, ivy and many other vegetational compositions. Its unique model building tools will help you create creeping plants, entwining scene objects, and shearing plants of any shape. Plants may bend around different objects.

To kickstart your GrowFX modeling you should check out this great article by XOIO.


Here are additional images that will show the power of GrowFX:

GrowFX is fully compatible with 3ds Max and all parameters can be animated.

25% OFF Until The End of April

GrowFX spring sale will give you 25% OFF until the end of April so you better act fast 🙂