Renzo Piano’s 87 Park by The Boundary

The Boundary showcases their latest and remarkable visuals for Renzo Piano’s 87 Park residential building in Miami. I had the pleasure seeing this remarkable piece of work for the first time during SOA Academy Day #6, during which The Boundary shared more information about the creation of the stills and animation this project called for. It is a pleasure for me to spotlight this project here, accompanied by some slides from The Boundary’s SOA Talk. Enjoy!

Peter Guthrie about this project :

Haven’t posted anything in a long time but this is a project we became very fond of here at The Boundary and I thought was worth sharing.

It is rendered in V-Ray. I lost count of how many still images we did and we also did about 90 seconds of animation in total. All of the animations were rendered on Rebusfarm, and feature many gigabytes of animated proxies (make with GrowFX).

The animated clips were for the website but we put them together as a short film as well.

This project is no different from what you know about Peter’s and The Boundary work by now. It is a whole environment modeling, which allowed stills, animation and 360 panorama and VR to be made as well.


Getting down to some ridiculous levels of detail 😉



Here’s one of Peter’s favorite views as final and screenshot from 3dsmax :



Lot’s of lighting scenarios were tested using Peter’s HDRi’s for both exterior and interior shots like the one below…



A Big Part of this work was to recreate all the vegetation that was planned by West 8. This was done using GrowFX which also allowed animation of the trees.



I’m sure rendering it all was a bi(r)ch 😉


I didn’t see any birch trees… just sounds good!

Check out Peter’s forum thread and join the discussion at –- 87 Park by Renzo Piano

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