Unlike previous works, this image has taken us longer than usual to arrive at a result that pleases us to show to the client. Luckily they liked it and the house is under construction. In a few months I hope to post a picture of the real house.

Long Drive

I was watching a Movie and therein I saw a beautiful shot of a car running on a road with lots of trees around. So I thought I would recreate that shot in 3d with one of my favorite cars and a similar kind of environment around it. This recreation made me get involved in modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering real-time Motion Blur etc., Hope this looks good.

Classic Kitchen

This is my latest project that I have done recently. I am an architect and also so enthusiastic about designing interior and exterior architectural scenes. I have seen an image in Houzz site, and it made me model a classic kitchen with an exterior space in my mind. 90% of the project is modeled by me. I used 3ds max 2016 to model and V-Ray 3.40.30 to render the project and Photoshop cc for adjusting colors and light.

Hope you like it!

New York Office Building

The concept itself uses planar rotation as a basis for the individual floors with a strong core which encapsulates the elevators as well as the main stairwell. The proposal aims to use extruded glass with different angles in order to obtain a unique look for the reflections of the surrounding buildings while also giving the building a transparent and almost weightless feel. There are various small balconies on each of the floors so that the personnel can enjoy some outdoor time when on break wherever they may be located in the construction.


Gourmet dining at +2360m?

The Gütsch Restaurant in the new ski region Andermatt in the Swiss Alps will be just the place for that.
Counting down till 2019.

A project by Studio Seilern Architects

Black & White

I Did this Project as a Practice work in my Freetime, I Kept it Very Simple with Just Light Playing the main part in This Scene. The Shadows Adding More contrast and Depth in the scene. Few Closeup Shots to Focus on Details in the scene.

I used 3ds Max, V-Ray and Photoshop.

Comments and Suggestions are welcome.