House designed for a young couple with a child. The main requests were that the house presented a modern and welcoming facade. In the future I will post image of the pool area. Send comments.

Pillows test

Very unbusy in the studio. The entire image was an accident. It is the result of a gentle soujourn through some studio max and V-Ray curiosities. I first came across a pillow tutorial on youtube and managed to get it to work, which was quite nice. “hmmm, wonder if I can do the duvet?” I thought, and then, “well I might as well make a sheet and a bed frame, so it’s not floating in midair.” Once I had made the bed and was proud of it, I didn’t want it to stand alone, so I lit it with a gentle cool light from one side and a small warm light from the other so that it’s natural curves would be shown off (real beds have curves!). From there I was also curious about the reason for the light, so I built sash windows (what makes them real? is it detail? texture, faded paint? water drips? dirty windows? I don’t know. I tried them all). I wondered about wallpaper, about photography in Vray, about how to make fur, about interior design, about atmospherics, depth of field, balance of colour, contrast and I wondered and wondered until the image was done, and I knew I had to leave it alone or risk ruining it and after all that wonder, my wife said the best bit was our daughter playing the violin in a picture above the bed.

Casa Barcelona

Inspired by the work of Jaime Hayon, I made this simply interior CGI images.

With warms materials, I like to imagine it located in Barcelona.