Madina Mall & Residency by Pixarch

The classic columns set Madina Mall & Residency apart. The sparkling spaces are surpassed in their superb presentation by Pixarch’s visualization. The 3D walkthrough with the larger than life views uplift this classy complex to another level. The branded outlets are showcased in their splendor through the virtual tour, which makes these quite desirable for investment and shopping.

The unique camera angles with a 360-degree projection layout the residential and rooftop retreat on the magnificent skyline. The well-lit and themed interior are depicted with an ultra-modern outlook and a touch of opulence. Pixarch’s augmented reality elevates the prestigious property for an up-close feel and a perfect lifestyle you want to pursue.

5 Towers by Pixarch

The 3D walk-through with an enticing entrance engages the viewers who are enraptured to follow through. End to end gallery views of elevation, amenities, facilities and rich apartment spaces are presented for a desirable impact. Each angle displays the structural details with a lovely look of the laid out passageways and pathways. Pixarch crafts the best in the project to deliver it with the ultimate finesse which enhances its market image.

Nesaj Townhouse by Pixarch

Pixarch has beautifully portrayed Nesaj Townhouse as encircled by the palm lined boulevards and picturesque cityscapes which lend to openness with a vast vision of the far stretched landscape. The villa styled townhouses are depicted in a spacious outlook with a wide front and back area. Each and every angle of the splendorous space is magnified to show even the minutest details for an entire structural essence.

A villa by the sea.

The main idea behind this project was to create a series of images, based on the modeling of a villa in South Crete. The simplicity of the architectural forms along with the desert-like surrounding environment and the close view to the Mediterranean Sea gave me the opportunity to produce a ‘walk’ through the process of fabrication of a realistic still image. This project is actually a complex research of the various elements that constitute our real world, and an attempt to translate these elements into a 3D environment, where the user will be able to feel the sense of mass, space and time. To achieve this, I created an introductory video and eleven [11] realistic images, using a variety of 3d software and plug-ins to create the 3D environment of the project.

Chroma House

Inspired by Tylko House, I decided to try the Unreal Engine lightmass lighting on these simple colored arches to see how it behaved.

While there is room for improvement, the result is good and it was a great exercise.