Combining Concrete Paving and Grass with Forest Pack and RailClone

If you use both RailClone and Forest Pack then this tutorial should be of interest. iToo Software demonstrates how the two plugins can be used together to combine grass and concrete paving. Sometimes called grasscrete, this commonly seen example also demonstrates several features of both plugins that can be employed for a much wider range of uses.

“In this tutorial we look at a technique to combine grass and concrete paving.  This involves two procedures, firstly creating the paving with RailClone, and secondly adding the plants with Forest Pack.”

Though this is a specific application, you’ll learn many skills that you can use for other purposes, including:

  • Creating a RailClone object with a pattern that repeats on the Y axis
  • Using Clipping Splines in RailClone
  • Randomising transforms in RailClone
  • Creating “layers” in Forest Pack by adding a single area multiple times
  • Overriding distribution maps on a per area basis
  • Excluding geometry using objects Using RailClone and Forest Pack together.

The downloads for this tutorial are compatible with 3ds Max 2014 and above, V-Ray, Forest Pack Pro and RailClone Lite. If you don’t have RailClone yet, a free lite version that is suitable for this tutorial can be downloaded from the product page.