Chaos Corona 8 Released

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Chaos Corona 8 Released!

Out with the “Old” and in with the “New.” Corona Renderer is now entirely in the brand and called Chaos Corona, with both 3ds Max and Cinema 4D versions released on the same day.


GlobePlants at the corner of Enscape and SketchUp

I’ve recently started to use Enscape for early design stage visualization, and I love the workflow it allows me to work with. I get to stay inside SketchUp during the early design stages with better visualization capability. I get to use the modeling tools I like and scatter things around, and all of it picked up smoothly. Check out this short glimpse of how these assets look like for a fast pre-viz while modeling in SketchUp.

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The 2021 ARCHVIZ BlackFriday Started

The annual BIG ArchViz BlackFriday to CyberMonday promotion is underway with 7 Partners early to start this time around. Many more to join in leading up to the official Black Friday date – November 26th. Expect up to 50% Discounts on software, content and training going on well into (3)December.

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Making of RED BARN animation by Jamie Holmes

Making of RED BARN

The Animation GRAND PRIZE winning entry by Jamie Holmes for the CONVERTED Challenge. An exercise at complete world-building and storytelling to boot! Jamie Holmes is no stranger to such a challenge as we’ve seen him doing it previously during the CABINS challenge. Enjoy this one as he takes us for a spin in his process of making of Red Barn.

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