Tamba Villas

Tamba Villas is a delightful private coconut estate which is set back 300 metres from Thalpe beach (on the land side) surrounded by lush tropical gardens and swaying palm trees.There is only a collection of 37 homes, which have been designed by an award-winning Singaporean Architectural team, to create a coastal lifestyle design with high-end amenities for living, working or early retiring in a much sought-after area in the south of Sri Lanka.

Location: Galle, Sri Lanka
Client: Pearl Sri Lanka
Architects: A D LAB
Architectural Visualisation: VisEngine Digital Solutions

Natural Bathroom

We would like to present the “Natural Bathroom” project. Balance of nature and architecture is a key of the design. We believe that nature is an influencer in the world of architecture so our goal was to show the connection between them….

Sometimes it is worth to consider if we minimize impact and disturb nature as little as possible. Isn’t it a great idea to include a close relationship with nature?

The project is full CGI, we used our skills to visualize this space with adequate atmosphere and attention to details. Because as Steve Jobs said: “Details matter, it’s worth getting it right.”

The Cultural Oyster

A simple and natural shape for a cultural centre that embraces a green park resembling a bivalve pouch. As usual a tight deadline can push you to describe at its best even a bunch of lines and a simple concept for a space of culture and aggregation. It’s always rewarding when the final goal is locked in the architect’s mind but we have the freedom to describe it in the way we picture it.

Cantilever House

The ‘Cantilever House’ is a non-commissioned project developed for Saint Gallen, in northeastern Switzerland, where the picturesque environment makes for a challenging but self-pleasing exercise.
As an architect and urban planner with more than 10 years of experience dedicated to the archvis industry, I believe it is essential to create my own conceptual projects in order to improve skills. For this reason, I’ve chosen to fully design the ‘Cantilever House’ from conceptualization of the exterior forms to all of interior design & styling. I also explored the project as a virtual photographer finding out the best lighting and camera compositions.

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