How to PhotogrammeTREE

Keeping tabs on how to use photogrammetry in Architectural Visualization, I revisited The GrowFX Tree at the Archipelago House article by Radek Ignaciuk where he used GrowFX and replaced the Truck with one based on photos he took and thought about how others might do it? Looking at the gaming industry, I found an amazing looking tree done by Xiao Fei Li, a Senior 3d Artist in a gaming company. This is his process using photos, Zbrush, and great 3d modeling skills.

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The house in Yasnaya Polyana

The space and design of this house are situated in the village of Rostov region, it is influenced a lot by the local rules. Placing the building on the dense development of nearby houses, we decided to drown it in surroundings of deep gardens, different breeds of trees and bushes, what creates a feeling of protection and natural membrane. The selection of construction and materials, which was deeply thoughtful (поменяла конструкцию), corresponds the modern character of the project. The façade is made from light brick with wooden windows from floor to ceiling. The central volume, where the living room is situated, is more than 3 meters height, is made from glass and wood, what emphasizes the modern spirit of the house.

cabanon housing

it was a big challenge to create the vegetation and this hard land scape so i tried my best using zbrush for sculpting and maya 2017 (arnold 5 for rendering). i hope you like it.

the trees (olive tree) is from speedtree but i re- texture it again because there is no export in maya arnold, some rocks are from quixel megascans and again textured in maya. the lighting in the scene is very simple i have used only two arnold lights inside the houses and a skydome for exterior. grass was possible because of the xgen plugin. and i have used z brush for the shell of the houses and some rocks…and very small details in photoshop if you spot it you are very good and me bad..

thanks for your time..

Nasu Tepee

Hi All!

This is my new personal work.

I tried to make a 3d scene of “Nasu Tepee” as was designed by Architects : Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP.

The software I used included :

  • 3dmax
  • V-Ray
  • MultiScatter
  • SpeedTree
  • Zbrush
  • Marvelous Designer
  • Megascans
  • Photoshop

you can see the real photo of that Beautiful House here – Nasu Teppe by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP

See the MAKING OF – Nasu Tepee