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The United States Institute of Peace’s Truth Commissions Digital Collection is part of the Margarita S. Studemeister Digital Library in International Conflict Management. The collection contains profiles of truth commissions and substantive bodies of inquiry from nations worldwide – offering general background information on the composition of each body, links to the official legislative texts establishing such commissions, and each commission’s final reports and findings.

fresh air

this is my newest architectural visualization, based on the Elliott Ripper house by Christopher Polly Architect.
During the work I decided to give the whole thing a little twist, by using my own colors and change things at the building, materials, surrounding and environment.
This idea came up because I already have a white building in my portfolio and I like it more colorful. The mood I wanted to reach should be an evening after a sunny day at the very early stage of the fall season.
The modeling is mostly done in 3ds Max. After getting in contact with Blender a few weeks ago, I tried out Blender and Blenders awesome Cycles renderer and PBR material workflow.
Lighting is completely realized with a HDRI from HDRI Haven, check out the great HDRIs Greg have on his website.
I also used Substance Painter in some parts.
The big trees in the back and the magnolia in the front are made with The Grove, a 3d tree growing software which is available for Blender, definitely worth a try.
The compositing was done in Photoshop.
I hope you like the picture. Feel free to leave a comment, ask questions and check out my homepage, get in contact at LinkedIn and ArtStation.

You can visit my ArtStation site for a better jpg quality.

Thank you.

Old micro brewery bar

Here is an old brewery reconverted into a bar with a reading corner and a computer area.

Modeled with Blender. Rendered with Octane Standalone 3.06.2 using DL Diffuse and PMC kernels. Lit with sun and hdr. Rendering time varies between 2h and 3h on 3xGTX1070 & 1xGTX780 depending on the resolution and the view angle.

UE4 Pitch House

The purpose of this was to learn and experiment with Unreal engine 4 for archviz. Textures were mostly handpainted with photo textures used as well for this piece. All models were made using Blender and rendered images and animation were from the Unreal Engine viewport. I also modeled, rigged and animated the butterflies in the scene.