Forest Pack Texture Distribution HOW-TO by Grant Warwick

Lee Griggs Amazing 3d Maps Created with Maya XGen and a Single Primitive post I published a few days ago captured a great deal of attention by many of you, more specifically about using Forest Pack + V-Ray for creating the same impressive visuals. Grant Warwick, whom you all know by now (and if not – you should!), shows how-to use Forest Pack to do just that – Van Gogh Style! Enjoy!

Grant also shares tips from his Mastering V-Ray Course relevant to this process and kindly provides us with the scene files all ready to go with Forest Pack.

[wpsharely] get-the-files

I highly recommend checking out Grant’s Mastering V-Ray Course. You can see Lesson 01 and Part 1 of Lesson 04 on that page, which is enough to understand how valuable this course is!



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  1. Grant Warwick
    Grant Warwick says:

    I’m taking in mind complete beginners who have never used Forest Pack in this case.
    In my opinion it’s better to spend twice as long making sure people “get it” than to rush through and end up with 500 emails asking the obvious.
    I appreciate the feedback and realise an experienced user is going to be able to set this up in a couple of minutes tops.

  2. ifthi
    ifthi says:

    ronenbekerman Tolgahan The only issue I found so far in trying this in mulitscatter is texturing part, or maybe I am missing something?
    Is there anyway to texture the multiscatter like we did in forestpack with the bitmap?

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