Best Visualizations of 2012

Running late on this one, but here they are – The Best Visualizations of 2012 posted on the forums! This is my way to say to my forum members “Thank you for sharing your great work with us all!” 52 images have been selected as Best of the Week and from those 12 were selected as Best of each month and will get 100 Euro voucher to spend on DesignConnected. One of those 12 has been selected as Best of the Year 2012 and gets a 600 Euro voucher for Designconnected. Enjoy the showcase!

I’d like to thank our good friends at DesignConnected for supporting The Best Visualization awards and hope to see you among the best of 2013!

About DesignConnected

DesignConnected mission is to make your interior designing and presentation process easier and tight connected with the latest 3d technologies. It’s aim is to deliver the best quality digital content for all the interior design professionals. Starting from all the design classics, going through the most iconic modern design furniture and ending with the latest design arrivals at the furniture fair stands It connect’s you with the only digital library that is dedicated to interior design.

Designconnected models are being used by many of this blog followers, and you can see their work being featured on DC’s gallery section 😉

Most of Designconnected models come supporting 3dsmax Scanline, VRay & Mental Ray as well as SketchUP, Artlantis, OBJ and a great FBX format that I have discovered work perfect straight out of the box in real-time too.


Now… Let’s see all 52 best images…

Best of January 2012

Second Floor, Block 1, Ramon Zancanaro, January 2012

Visit Ramon Zancanaro’s thread on the forums.

January Weekly Bests

Best of February 2012

Caplutta Sogn Benedetg, Federico Spoltore, February 2012

Visit Federico Spoltore’s thread on the forums.

February Weekly Bests

Best of March 2012

New Canaan, Bertrand Benoit, March 2012

Visit Bertrand Benoit’s thread on the forums.

March Weekly Bests

Best of April 2012 and also BEST OF YEAR 2012

Casa VIB House in the Woods, NOTOS, April 2012

Visit NOTOS thread on the forums.

April Weekly Bests

Best of May 2012

kbk-337, Pasha Tyutyunnik, May 2012

Visit Pasha Tyutyunnik’s thread on the forums.

May Weekly Bests

Best of June 2012

Hendee-Borg House, Peter Guthrie, June 2012

Visit Peter Guthrie’s thread on the forums.

June Weekly Bests

Best of July 2012

The Cube House, xdream3d, July 2012

Visit xdream3D thread on the forums.

July Weekly Bests

Best of August 2012

Reading Corner,Peter Drew Cheeky Beagle Studios, August 2012

Visit Peter Drew’s thread on the forums.

August Weekly Bests

Best of September 2012

Bits of Bread, Bertrand Benoit, September 2012

Visit Bertrand Benoit thread on the forums.

September Weekly Bests

Best of October 2012

Kitchen No. 01 by Vicky Bedford

Visit Vicky Bedford’s thread on the forums.

October Weekly Bests

Best of November 2012

Creative Coffee by Diego Querol Sangüesa

Visit Diego Querol’s thread on the forums.

November Weekly Bests

Best of December 2012

Luxury Villa Interior by Muhammed Taher 04
Visit Muhammed Taher’s thread on the forums.

December Weekly Bests

The Best of Year 2012

Thank you my forum members for sharing your great work with us all, thanks again to DesignConnected for sponsoring this award and a big thank you to NOTOS for wining Best of YEAR 2012 with their remarkable “House in the Woods” image! See you all here next year 😉

Casa VIB House in the Woods, NOTOS, April 2012

Visit NOTOS thread on the forums.