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Thread: xcoma bar - xian china

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    Default xcoma bar - xian china

    hi guys, this is my first post on ronenbekerman forum,
    i take this opportunity to introduce me:
    I'm Federico, i'm from italy, i have 25 years old and i have a passion for architecture and visualization.
    I am preparing some image for my portfolio, this one is the first.

    i take a photo of an interior project and i tried to do it again,
    in 3dxmax + vray

    this is the real photo KUU: xcoma bar

    All comments are welcome!

    thanks all!

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    Looks great! You did a great job with the materials and lighting... The concrete at the top needs more work IMHO. It is too rough seeing the original.

    You did not match the POV exactly... not sure you wanted or aimed for that - but you are so near the original placement it really should be fine tuned for perfection

    Would love to know more about the lighting and materials and if you did more views of this?

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    Default nice

    would be nice to know more about the lighting , it looks really close to the original photo . What kind of lighting system and camera did you use?I'm impressed ! Really nice Job!

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    hi ronen,
    thank for your comment! and big big thanks for the post on the front page Blog!
    (i'm very happy to see it)

    i did not match the POV exactly because was not my priority, I wanted to challenge myself and try to recreate the best lights and materials.

    Yes i have done other points of view, always very similar to photo, but i prefer this.. if you want i can post other image..

    for the lighting i use a mix of area light and spot light, the very important spot light for me it's on the hole in the ceiling, i create a spot light with area shadow, and i activate only diffuse, this lights it's not much visible in render but it create a hard shadow like photo..

    the material it's simple, the hardest part was probably the texturing,
    to recreate the floor and ceiling i had to try lots of textures and mixing it in photoshop.

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    hey dude I like it a lot.
    Very near to the original, as ronen pointed the concrete at the top you could improve it, maybe with less bump. If the aim was to match the original photo you could turn the wood saturation down to match the photo, either way very cool, maybe to my taste I'll take a look to the color and contrast, maybe match the shadows color as the original, and as you can see the photo has less contrast than the render.

    we'd love to know more about the lighting its pretty cool, materials too, dude, congratulations.


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