Virtual Helsinki Case Study

“Virtual Helsinki” is the 2nd place winner of the Unreal Awards: Experience Design by Finland based studio, ZOAN. This is a case study about their winning entry.

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Making of Vipp Shelter Unreal Engine VR Environment

Tav Shande is a technical artist with experience in the games industry working at EA, Crytek, & Activision on titles such as DeadSpace, Crysis 2, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, MW3, WWII & more. The Vipp Shelter UE4 VR environment is a spare time project Tav did try out new software and techniques. Inspired by the clean architectural and surrounding nature, this is the making of this project, sharing workflow, techniques, and thoughts that went into the creation of the scene. Enjoy!

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Lucid Arch Dreams by Benoit Dereau

Seeing the Lucid Arch website for the first time it immediately captured my attention. This was prior to “The Vineyard” as I was making final prep for the challenge and I contacted Benoit Dereau, the creator, to learm more about it at that time. Benoit is a 3D Generalist who accumulated skills in architectural visualization and level-design for video games production. In the last couple of years he combines his CG knowledge to produce architectural visualisation scenes through real-time engines and today he showcases Lucid Arch Dreams here. Enjoy!

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