Architect’s Staircase Concept

Some pics of one of my recent concept for a custom-made staircase with large bench, a full-height bookcase with storage space aside and a new desk on the upper level that overlooks the stair.

I decided to focus on details: there are some of my favorite books/magazines on shelves and some sculptures, vases and tiny objects created by Artists that I really admire a lot. Done in SketchUp​ in conjunction with V-Ray and a touch of Adobe Photoshop​, as usual.

B D H Hotel & Resort

Hello Everyone,

We have designed this Project for Pokar Architect @ Gandidham, Gujarat-India. This was our first attempt at Corona Renderer in our Production Workflow. The client had Specific Requirement for each and every element of this project we had to model and modify each and every element to suit their requirements.

We had taken huge risk to adopt Corona Renderer straight on live project. We have used Corona 1.3 to render this project and we were facing many challenges during this project specially Limit of Maximum 256 number of Light but Corona’s developer team has guided us really well how to bypass this type of critical problems. Now we have fully integrated Corona renderer in our production workflow.

Thanks to the Render Legion support team.


Musician’s attic Concept

Some pics of one of my latest concept for a bright attic to use as a music room, a little haven where you can relax, listen to music and, why not, play some music too! In addition to rearrange the whole attic floor, the project is composed of a “L” shaped black stained ash wood cabinet (with natural ash wood interiors) that has the dual purpose of storage space and acoustic insulation.

As always, we worked hard on the details: the entire structure was deliberately lifted from the floor in order to be able to insert a modular sofa or hassocks with a minimal amount of space. In addition, this cabinet integrates, in its central section, four wooden QRD sound diffusers hidden with retractable doors in order to obtain considerable acoustic benefits.

Apartment Complex “Smolnaya 44”

Our latest 2016 project is apartment complex “Smolnaya 44” visualization. This is a new Moscow residential quarter that is being built in the proximity of Rechnoy Vokzal district. Unlike many other designs for architectural concepts and complexes under development, the images for this project were developed simultaneously with the start of the advertising campaign. That’s why we didn’t have to wait for over half a year and keep the images secret.

We were asked to render the autumn images to show the golden autumn with puddles, the colorful foliage and bright people. It was a great pleasure to work on this style. We filled the visualization with the people under umbrellas and children in rubber boots, the part of the unique and wonderful time when it’s still warm but the trees are already brightly colored. We tried to show the surface and texture of the beautiful clinker bricks, chosen by the developer for coating the buildings, the glass quality and well-planned pavement and landscaping. Due to the form and the finishing of the buildings, the residential complex seamlessly fits into the general picture of the city and its architecture doesn’t stand out from the general “puzzle” but highlights the beauty of the surroundings.

SAP Project

Modelisation made with Sketchup and rendered with Octane Render for 3dsmax.

This is my first render with Octane. I made some test for interactivity between SketchUp and 3dsmax when the project updated. Not very easy but i’m happy with the results and put Artlantis in a deep hole.

Sorry for my bad english.

Comments and critics are welcome!