As I mentioned before this is my first time participating in this competition, and I wanted to show something colorful inspired in the movie Coco and Cuba. I started doing a daylight shot, but I wanted to explore more lighting options so I finish with this.

When you have a nightspot you need to be careful about your main focus otherwise the image look to flat. So I decided to have my focus point on the center. Where the carnival is happening.
I started adding light on the foreground, something darker and cold, and in the middle of the image warmer, colorful and brighter.
I have an HDRI from 3D Collective collection (3DCollective_HDRi_064_2207_16K) a dusk time, and I mixed in my light mix with a pink color. For the color sphere lights, I used a railclone with a light corona material.

This time was my first time using unwrapping editor, was really helpful to apply the textures from Substance, like the rusted metal in the car, or the paint on the walls.

Hope you like this project, I had so much fun in the process making this, getting feedback from my team at WeWork, they were really helpful. I would like to receive also your feedback.