B&TB + DRMA Architects: Oxer Department Store Renovation.

Normally retail projects are associated with cold and more technical visuals, more focused in the product and less in the atmosphere. Our aim when we received this proposal from our friends of DRMA was to make a department store view with heart & soul. Hope we achieved it.
Have an awesome week you all.

Bohemian Room

This project started off with me wanting to do a very industrial render, with concrete and the usual steel structures and decay but it went in the opposite direction. I started thinking about how i could make an interior that did not have to overtly masculine feeling and I tried to soften it up a bit with a play on color and also different materials not usually associated with the industrial aesthetic.

Sweet Disposition

Villa S is an existing house in Lebanon.The main objective is to renovate the architecture inside out and to add a second floor to the current volume.
The perspectives were done to show the charming mood of the new design through displaying the fine details of the main elevation.