Studio: Lucydreams

Designer / Architect: Alterstudio Architecture

Personal / Commissioned: Personal Project

Location: Austin United States

Here’s our set of CG images of the Constant Springs Residence by Alterstudio Architecture, located in Austin, United States. We made these renderings to train ourselves to replicate lights and colors from a real photo, pushing Cinema 4D and V-Ray over the limits. Almost every tree, bush and plant are modeled from scratch using Speedtree and Forester for Cinema 4D in order to get a very specific shape and foliage. Of course there are some differences between render and photo reference. That’s because we didn’t try to replicate the photo, we tried to improve it!

Modeling, framing, lighting and texturing: Laura Savelli and Silvia Labanti. Post-production: Angelo Ferretti. Inspired by Casey Dunn and Leonid Furmansky original photos.

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