Infinite Patterns

Personal project that seeks to establish connections between various fields that interest me deeply: geometry, and how it appears linked to nature, on the one hand, and to art and architecture, on the other; raising relations between all of them. Somehow it would mean the fusion of the interests of two of my previous works: Nature by Numbers and Ars Qubica.

Inner light

Experimenting with light and textures I created this small environment to research how of light and color can help in creating an atmosphere without using too many objects in the scene and with a very little amount of colors.

OH! House

My goal was to limit post-production proces in this project to basic photographic methods.
Except the winter image most of the elements are full 3d (falling snow added in PS).
I started this personal project more than 2 years ago, but due to the lack of free time it ended on modeling.
Last time I decidet to test OTOY octane in some exterior work, so before testing on clients I decided to finish this personal work.