Great Northern Trading Post Motel

These renders were done for a client who designed this prefab building as a concept which was never further developed. He wanted to show it’s potential, situated in a remote environment. He particularly wanted to see it on the bank of a river or lake.

After receiving his mood board, I knew it would be difficult to find quality photographs of a location from multiple angles to use as backplates. Also, doing the environment in full CG would be time consuming and not necessarily the best result. So I found some panoramas from a trek I did a few years ago in Tasmania, called the Overland Track, which were perfect. It was very remote and I knew it would be a perfect backdrop. I just needed to include a lake and extra vegetation in 3D in order to integrate it. Sky was also replaced on one of the external shots.

Client was very happy with the result.

Redemption, 3d short movie ..

Redemption, 3d short movie ..
My second 3d cinematic approach .. no specific storyboard, just some architecture and some environment design with random self thoughts ..

I did the scenes using 3D Max & vray for render & after effects for post production ..
Hope u like it ..

Credits :

Event : Redemption
Producer / Designer / Animator : By Me
Music & Sound : Jóhann Jóhannsson – Flight From The City