A Cabin in the Woods

Designed for my 4th year College Sessional Work.Situated on a highway on a mountain road. A Restaurant & Bar to provide refreshment for the passengers.

Only the Cabin was done in Sketchup and a basic render was produced by v-ray.

the major post production, adding trees, grass, making the environment was done in photoshop.

Apartment in Kiev

The apartment has a total area of only 47m2.
Our main task was to create a modern interior, that was functionally filled and met the aesthetic requirement of the customer. Customer’s desire was to use different modern materials, as a popular concrete panels, porcelain stoneware and decorative brick and to use their combination. Our studio completed the task. The customer was satisfied. At the moment, finishing works are being carried out. Soon we will see the completed interior in reality.

13th Black Street

We had to make a proposal for an office on a terrace of a building. The client / friend needed a small courtyard with white and black theme that would look fresh as well as modern. Needed no plants / greens in the office to take away the attention from the design. So, we came up with something like this !