3D Modelling the DoubleTree Venice North Hotel

I remember seeing this iToo Software presentation during State of Art Academy Ad#5. It was pretty cool seeing them building the hotel in which the event took place! That simple twist to the exercise emphasized to all of us there that the ability to see parametric objects all around us can be developed by anyone if he only observes. Today, this scene along with a detailed how-to is being released so those who weren’t able to attend can benefit from it too. Enjoy!

Before I hand you to iToo Software, let’s see how the hotel looks like for real…

And with the ArchVIZ Geeks!

Using the example of the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, the venue for the State of Art Academy conference, we explored the limitless applications of RailClone and Forest Pack.

The presentation was structured around some questions you should ask before your start creating a parametric object. Via a wide range of examples, we explained how to analyze, model and create materials for a typical ArchVIZ scene using scattered and rule-based parametric geometry. Along the way showcasing many of RailClone and Forest Pack’s features and illustrating how they can be used to complement one another.

The files that come with this tutorial are compatible with RailClone Pro, Forest Pack Pro and 3ds Max 2012 and above.

The main topics covered below in the form of questions you may ask yourself, and the iToo team has answered them for you 😉

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