Marek Denko’s “Her Eventual Hesitation”

Marek Denko stands out as one of the most inspiring CG Artist I know of. Yesterday, he published his latest work of art titled “Her Eventual Hesitation” showing all the things he is well known for; amazing levels of detail, great lighting, and atmospherical mood. It sparks emotion from a guy who called his, Prague-based studio, NoEmotion!

The image was created in 3dsmax and Marvelous Designer, rendered with V-Ray (BF/BF for the first time instead of BF/LC). Textures and the final color play were done in Photoshop. Dedicated to my family and colleagues! Love you all!

This is the beautiful shaded visual…

I started to play around with the “leaving city/world” setting/story. I gave it a try for a day or two. Played with new fresh angles and lighting. It ended up with lighting set to an early rainy summer morning. My hero is waiting for the girl to show up. But will she?

The full-size final render

And the making of video!

Visit the original work page on Marek Denko’s Website.

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  1. psteels
    psteels says:

    Every creation seem to be the remix of what has been done a thousand times and when you think you’ve seen it all, Marek arrives and leave you speechless.

    Amazing work !

  2. souzagiovanne
    souzagiovanne says:

    ronenbekerman psteels absolutely you’re not the only one! I watched the video twice, and at first time, I kept an eye on the backdrop 😀 (And before seeing the shaded model, I thought the man was made in post production)

  3. Mustafa Husainy
    Mustafa Husainy says:

    Can only hope and work harder to create such stunning visuals! A true artist that inspires. I only feel the need to make awe inspiring art after looking at this video and render, that is the feeling an artist should emit from his renders, to inspire others to do better!

  4. rombout
    rombout says:

    Insane how he even did the backdrop, you hardly see it, its out of focus. So much work adding stuff we hardly see. Big respect! AWESOME shot!

  5. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    souzagiovanne ronenbekerman psteels  It’s not what you can see that makes or breaks an image. It is that little thing that is missing!

    Nothing is missing here 😉

  6. psteels
    psteels says:

    ronenbekerman souzagiovanne psteels

    If I want to be extra picky, I would criticize the pose of the character. He seems a bit unbalanced, on the verge of slipping. Too bad because I prefered the pose he tried before in his time lapse.

    It’s a problem in other Marek works, but the uncanny valley is so hard to cross !

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