Creating Panelling and Wainscoting with RailClone

iToo Software sure speeds up the pace of tutorials, and today they release a new exciting RailClone in-depth tutorial that demonstrates how to create wooden paneling and wainscoting. Not the typical thing I would usually have in an ArchVIZ project, but in the end, you will see how the same principles could be applied to anything else you have in mind!

“In this tutorial we illustrate how to create wall panelling using techniques that can be easily reused for a host of other purposes.

In addition to illustrating how to make this regularly requested style, we also demonstrate how to combine multiple generators that fit together seamlessly, how to use null segments to create gaps in an array, how to wire together attributes and parameters, and how to create simple expressions.

You’ll also learn how easy it is to use RailClone to automatically box map geometry and then randomise the UVW offsets and rotation to create variation with just a few textures. These feature are currently only supported by V-Ray, but other renderers can use these tricks too, simply by disabling the instancing engine. ”

Be sure to watch until the end to see the wall panels become a facade!