Modeling 3D Sand Dunes in 3ds Max by Sascha Henrichs

Following Javier’s great V-Ray procedural sand tutorial post, I’ve seen this rather cool video by Sascha Henrichs over at 3dtotal about the way he models 3d sand dunes using 3ds max patch grids. You might get a very nice looking sand environment doing a combo of both. Feel free to mess around with it.

Sascha was very kind to provide some desert sand sample textures to use following his process.

Modeling dunes in 3ds Max with Patch grids from on Vimeo.

  • Javier Pintor

    Oh yeah! I remember this tutorial. Sascha is a great artist. I’ll give a try to that tutorial of his.


  • That’s an old one, but a good one ! You could post a link to his great blog. Sascha makes great video tutorials. I owe him much of my recent discoveries in 3D 🙂

  • tony v

    I’m new to 3d and considering Bryce. I see an application for golf course greens and sand traps just off the top. With time other ideas will come to mind. Very good. thanks

  • Christian

    great tutorial, however the most important part (the edges on top of the dunes) did not work. Tried it with the smooth operator but it hat no effect at all 🙁 shame, really. would have very good use for it right now!

  • AlexanderCujko

    can u download it anywhere