Free Textures Giveaway, Meditation Center Pack

To kick-off the freebies section on this blog I’ll start by sharing some of the materials used in the creation of the Meditation Center project I first posted on [PushPullBar]2. You can head over to the project’s design discussion thread if you want to join and comment about the architecture or just download the files below.

These are not Hi-Res as one would expect, but since they represent small areas, and will be tiled, then this is not an issue that much. I hope you’ll find them useful and if you like to get more of these, and know when it get’s posted, please consider subscribing to the RSS Feed and be notified when new posts like this are published. You can also share with others using the ShareThis button below.

The images are licensed under the Creative Commons License and can be used for any kind of project you like free or commercial, including derivatives of it as long as you give back credit by stating original author or / and linking back to this post.

I’m using the service here for the first time so if you have issues with it please let me know (It doesn’t show in RSS so you must see it here at the site, I’ll try to fix that though).

Creative Commons License
Meditation Center Texture Pack by Ronen Bekerman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Israel License.

  • Great share! Thank you Ronen. Gravel might come in handy 🙂

    • Ronen Bekerman

      You are more then welcome.

  • Roshun Meezan

    Thank You.

  • Amit Tiwari

    Dear Ronen, This is great gift for community. Thank for this and also i would like to say that this site of your is really helpful for pro and students of Arch. visualization. I bookmarked it in first look.
    Amit Tiwari

  • Adam

    Thank you, you are generous!
    Your blog quickly became one of my favorite sites!

  • Yves

    Thanks for sharing. keep up the good work 🙂

  • _dutchy

    Ronen, in some way that thing doesn’t work for me. Not in Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera.

    • Ronen Bekerman

      Seems fine so far over here. Anybody else having this problem?

  • _dutchy

    I think it is my PC because my Ubuntu-running laptop gave no problem at all.
    Thanks for sharing and for your SU-related posts!

  • kaishakunin

    thank you sir. I am a fan. hope to learn more from your art and wisdom.

  • I remember this project from waaaaaay back on pushpullbar! It still looks great

  • thank so much!

  • ayan13

    Thanks for you textures!

  • Ronen
    I came across your webs site a few hours ago, and I must say I am impressed. I am having a problem accessing Meditation Center project. When I click the link it deliveries me to a blank page?

    Did I miss the opportunity?


  • JamesReben

    Thanks a lot!

  • FlavioRoblesBustos


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