2d Displacment Maps Texture from 3d models by Bertrand Benoit

Bertrand posted a cool how-to article about the process of creating a 2d displacement texture map, including a reflection / glossiness map too. Make sure to check his Frank Gehry Titanium Scales article at his blog. This method can easily be expanded to other 3d elements such as roof shingles, water drops on window, rope strands, pavement, etc. instead of actually using 3d models inside the scene

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  1. Ronen Bekerman
    Ronen Bekerman says:

    As i mentioned in bertrand’s blog, this CG technique can be improved by using the multi-texture maps script from http://www.cg-source.com to map the reflection diffuse texture onto the 3d model itself instead of painting it later in a 2d application.

    • Matheus ( Teubatera)
      Matheus ( Teubatera) says:

      Ronen, I’m so happy to find this great site for 3D content. Only quality I see here 🙂

      Congratulations & God bless you greatly!

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