How To 2D Postwork a 3D render, N2 Residence

I’ve posted a thread over at PushPullBar about N2 Residence project’s design process. Here I’m posting about the 2D postwork done to achieve the render above. I had a very short time to create this image, so I left much to be done after the actual render. Ideally i would have loved to recreate the site in 3D as-well. Hope you enjoy this.

This type of image editing in crunching time doesn’t really have a strict logic to it. I had to find images for the moon, sky, reflections on the water and city lights. Some of which i had in my private library and others i found on the web. I also did some hand painting using a Wacom tablet. I’ve add this new nifty green twitter button to the top right, so if you like this post – tweet it!

General overview of the 2D postwork process

I’m using (testing really) the SlideShare service to present the process of creation step by step. I hope this will be clear enough and do use the full screen mode to see it better.

[slideshare id=2043753&doc=how-to-2d-postwork-3d-render-02-090922143459-phpapp02&w=528]

Detail view of moon reflection editing

Sometimes i get into doing little things too much while thinking of other parts of the image. This is the moon reflection layering sequence.


Moon reflection layers

The images above are missing the final tone mapping and are kind of to dark and bluish still.

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    Great work man i’ve just seen this on evermotion! I love this blog:) you’re already bookmarked! Keep up the good work!

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