Google Sketchup 7.1 Available

SketchUP 7.1 was released today by Google. This new version will be a free upgrade for existing Pro users, and has emphasis on Google Earth and 3D Warehouse integration. Layout was also bumped to version 2.1 adding the much requested dimensioning feature

SketchUP 7.1 Video :

Layout 2.1 Video :

General impression

As a pro user a couldn’t care less about this new features added for Google Earth and 3d Warehouse users – these are not pro features. They i rather aimed for the general free users public. The only thing i find interesting is the overhauled SketchUp’s rendering engine they say will make it easier to work with big models. I’ll have to put this to the test. COLLADA file support is also something I’ll have to check, but other then that there isn’t much of a difference.

About the new Layout 2.1 I can’t really add much since I never used it yet. Might start though, seems like a nice alternative to CAD now that dimensioning was added. If any of you used it please comment as to how the new features are improving your work.

More information

For more information, download a SU Pro trial version or the Free edition, just go to the Google SketchUp website.

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    • Melissa
      Melissa says:

      I tried to download Google Sketch UP, I have windows XP and it wouldn’t work. I kept getting a corrupt file error message. Any advise? Is it free, maybe I’m not on the right page? Can you help! 🙂

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